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Thaï Trucks

The Thaï Trucks is a fusion food restaurant created in 2013. They serve both Japanese and Thaï food in a cosy environment. They radically updated their concept in 2017.
  • Type: iOS / Android, Web applications
  • Role: UX, App (Web & Mobile) Design / Development
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Technology: AngularJS, React Native, Php, MySQL

I was in charge of re-thinking the digital strategy when the company updated its core concept, and developing corresponding new tools to increase both sales and customers loyalty. As a result, I re-designed the brand communication tools and developed an iOS app, a new website and a specific tool to improve the delivery / takeaway process.

Problem Solving

Re-shaping the digital strategy was a challenge. I wanted to recreate this particular and cosy feeling you can experience in the restaurant, right on the web app, digital prints, anywhere the brand would be seen. I had to work on the brand promise and its subsequent design: colors, fonts, styles, shapes.

After this deep rework, I had to build both the new website and the new mobile app, adopting the best practices around in terms of eCommerce: express checkout, fast website, meaninful products description, reassurance etc.

Finally, I took care of re-thinking the delivery process. They had some organizational troubles which often led to delivery delays. My third mission was to create a tool to manage the delivery process more efficiently, from the customer initial order to the final delivery.

What's behind?

The project has been divided in three parts: the mobile app, the website and the admin website that manages the data flow for both the web and mobile apps plus the delivery tool. I used AngularJS to create the website, React Native for the iOS app. I created a REST API using PHP and MySQL to deliver data to both mobile and web apps. I used Sketch to design the iOS and web apps.

Gallery work illustration
Gallery work illustration
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