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Opéra Avignon

The Opéra d'Avignon is an opera house located in Avignon, France that has been in operation for almost two centuries.
  • Type: iOS / Android application
  • Role: UX, App Design / Development
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Technology: React Native, Php, MySQL, VueJS

The Opera's communication strategy heavily relies on social media platforms, such as facebook & instagram to build customers loyalty. They wanted to go a bit deeper with the creation of a native mobile application to provide customers with a way to stay informed and book shows. The application is available on the Apple and Google Play Store.

Shows in Motion

The communication team had clear objectives in mind for their app and they needed to focus on two things: show the available shows in an innovative way and allow customers to book their show directly using the app.

I worked closely with the team to bring this application idea to life: the design is focused on a deep visual experience where the customer can see glimpse of shows in motion while scrolling the app.

The main complexity came from the booking process, because the service is provided by a third party which does not have any kind of API integration. I focused on reducing the steps needed to book a show: customer is always 2 clicks away from the booking button.

What's behind?

The project has been divided in two parts: the mobile app and the admin panel, allowing the communication team to manage the app content. I used Sketch to design the app and React Native to create the iOS & Android app. Regarding the admin web app, I used VueJS. App data is managed and persisted thanks to a RESTful API I created using PHP & MYSQL.

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