Hello, I’m Michael.
I create interactive experiences through digital products to help people achieve their goal.

Currently Lead Front-end developer @ Donkey Mob, where we build cool stuff.

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It's all in details.

I strongly believe that smallest details are as just as - if not more - important as the other elements. That's why I pay extra care to those small little things.
Below is a highlight of projects I worked on when I was a freelance developer, a small fragment of what I had the chance to work on, build, update, rework and grow for the last 10 years.

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Hi there!

My name is Michael, I'm french and currently living in Toronto, Canada, to do what I love the most, writing code and designing things. I love the creative process behind it, when it comes to think of solutions to solve problems using nothing more than sketch, a code editor and creativity.
I do that for quite a while now and I'm currently focusing on using JavaScript to materialize my or great people's ideas. Meaning that I write components, build SSR / Static apps, manage their state, write iOS / Android apps and sometimes, APIs.
I have a keen interest in design (since day 1) and I take extra care to create meaningful user experiences through the interfaces I develop.

What do I do?
Create, deploy, maintain, scale static / SSR / Single Page applications; create, publish, maintain, scale iOS and Android apps, write open source plugins
What do I use?
ReactJS, React Native, JavaScript ES5/6+, VueJS, NextJS, NuxtJS, GatsbyJS, NodeJS, PostCSS, CSS3, Sass, Php, MySQL, MongoDB, Sketch, Netlify, GitHub
What languages do I talk?
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PostCSS, Sass, PHP, SQL, English and French :)

Interested to know more about me? Shoot me an

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